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Hi there everybody thanks so much for joining us. We hope you are going to have a lovely time with us. We think you will. Those of you who are really into plants, trees and vegetables should end up having a lovely time, because that’s what we are going to be talking about, gardening and planting. Today, we are going to be introducing you to a facet of gardening that had been overlooked for far too many years in the past.

Today we are going to be talking about organic gardening. As this will be your first organic planting season, we thought we’d introduce you to some interesting tidbits that should be included in organic gardening which we hope is going to stimulate your interest further and get you in to the mood for organic gardening and not just any old bits and pieces of pottering around the yard or kitchen sink without much further thought on what’s happening before you.

Maybe you went through this before; too many people in the past didn’t put too much stock into their gardening before. All they wanted to do was lay out a green lawn and surround it with colorful flowers just to make their yard and front area look nice. They wanted to show off to the neighbors for a bit, but most of the time they wanted to feel good about themselves and enjoy the prettiness of their home. Instead, for a whole bunch of reasons, they ended up doing more damage than good.

Two main reasons strike a chord here. For one thing, there was neglect. Like looking after children and household pets, proper gardening is almost a fulltime affair. Most people were far too busy to appreciate this necessity. So lawns became dry and yellow and plants wilted and died because they weren’t being tended to properly and never received enough water to replenish it with and grow. Also, because of the lack of interest, ignorance prevailed.

Ignorance and lack of interest leads to all common sense being abandoned. This is disastrous for domestic urban gardens today. These gardens are not entirely in a perfect natural environment, so there are other care factors to take care of. One of the biggest bugbears of ignorance and lack of interest where gardening is concerned is doing things to the garden that will inevitably lead to killing it. Instead of doing the hard, organic work, people pumped their gardens with poisonous pesticides that ended up doing more harm than the intended good.

People thought they were ridding their plants of pests, pests like caterpillars that essentially eat the leaves off of the plants. But have you seen what happens to those so-called pests when they grow up? They turn into beautiful, colorful butterflies and they fly all over your garden, spreading harmony and goodwill wherever they happen to lay down their wings. And do you know what else. Caterpillars are an important food source for the garden.

So are the earthworms which naughty children are happy to crush under their sneakers, even more importantly so. Caterpillars are a natural food source for all the beautiful birds that must come calling to your garden. Like the bees that you should welcome to your garden, the birds are very important for cross-pollinating your flowers. They end up doing a lot of the work that you may have thought was too hard to do.

But organic gardening does so much more. If you truly loved your garden, you’d never touch poisonous pesticides in your life and your garden’s life again. You’d roll up your sleeves once more and do a little extra work. That’s the essence of organic gardening. There is always going to be a little extra chores for you to do here and there. But it’s only seasonal and it’s never backbreaking, it does not need to be. Instead of poisoning your garden, use your God-given fingers.

If you feel you have an excess of caterpillars in your garden, simply pick them off one by one, gently with your fingers. You don’t even need to kill them, not all of them anyway. What you can do is simply place them in or near your birds’ tree house. They’ll snuff them out and will chirp their gladness to you. But you need to be mindful. Don’t go about spoiling your garden birds. Don’t upset their natural order. They need to be able to fend for themselves in order to survive.

Also, please teach your children to leave the earthworms alone. They are a vital ingredient to your garden’s fertile soil. Without the worms, the soil’s nutrients could be lost, and during infertile seasons, the death of the worms could add further misery to the soil’s dryness.

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