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Back in the day when I was still grinding my way through the office work routine, our boss used to say; folks, it’s back to the drawing board. I dare say that you all know what happens next in this disheartening episode of a struggling office worker. But no more. Thanks to my daily organic gardening routine, my football and newspapers, and other things, I am rather enjoying my pension years. I’m thinking about more hobby-crafting, like doing more things with my hands, things I never did before, being the old pen pusher that I once was.

Although you have to say, look at me now. All those years of office toil has come to good use. I am able to type at a fairly good speed, in spite of my brain’s prodding my fingers to slow down a tad. The pension fund helps too. I have to be a little cautious about doing too many things at once. I’m getting a little absent-minded in my old age. Just ask my blogging editor. He had to go weeks waiting for one single post that I had completely forgotten about.

No, really, it completely slipped my mind. So, ladies and gentlemen, perhaps you’ll be relieved to know that I’ll stay with what I’m still busy accustoming myself too. Organic gardening and spending time in the old organic kitchen. So, no drawing board this time around. Simply put its back to the kitchen we go. Hip-hip hurrah! Hip-hip hurrah! Three cheers for old Mike then. Alright, so what is cooking organically in your kitchen tonight?

For me, it will be a treat. I had my fill of a bowl of organic pasta a few days ago. I helped myself to a bowl of barley soup with fresh, organic vegetables the following evening. To fill me up a little, I sautéed a slice of whole wheat bread in a small frying pan on my gas stove and added that to my soup bowl. Then I treated myself to a bowl of vegetables-only, Indian-styled curry with a helping of brown basmati rice. Tonight it is what some traditional folks may call a guy’s supper.

It’s a bachelor’s meal, alright. All it is really is one generous prime beef chop with an equally generous helping of gardened salad containing some of my favorite vegetables. The chop will be layered with a small, but hot dressing of finely chopped, tightly bunched herbs and spices. During each and every meal, I have a good glass of chilled water standing by. We are fortunate over here in that our water reticulation systems are more or less squeaky clean, so there is no risk of contamination or any need for me to purify my own tap water.

All of the vegetables that I have used for preparing my meals come directly from my organic garden. From the pasta to the soup, and from the accompanying salads to the vegetable curries, you will notice a distinctly different flavor and aroma from what you may have been used to before. And I dare say everything tastes a whole lot better too. If you’ve never done this before, you ought to give it a try. That is to say; start up your own organic vegetable garden.

It was not too long ago, so I can remember my clear motivations for wanting to start my own garden in the first place. Yes, there were the health imperatives, no doubt about that. What also motivated me were the aforementioned taste sensations. In my way to shopping in the town, I had tentatively tried some of the dishes advertised at the organic produce stores and bistros. As some of you may say; the tastes blew me away. The other peculiar reason for going green at home was also to give this old pensioner plenty of things to do around the house.

I am not about to kick the bucket and do not believe that I am ready for that at this present moment in time. The thing about keeping the mind busy was always an attraction to me, something that harks back to my office days. Office work was, on most occasions, a drudge for me. It could drive you crazy sometimes. Back then, my mind craved for something stimulating to do. And this was it; organic vegetable gardening.

Going entirely one hundred percent organic in this day and age always presents challenges. Depending on where you live and your lifestyle circumstances, it may appear difficult to source and supply organic foodstuffs. Also, your budgets may be squeezed and, sadly, organic market produce, from fresh produce to whole raw honey, to free range poultry and meat, remains inordinately more expensive than the conventional goods.

But doing things yourself at home will save you an arm and a leg.

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