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The basics are all there for those of you who are willing to roll up your sleeves and get to work. All the necessary information is there for you to use at your disposal while getting your nicely clipped fingernails grubby with well-toiled soil, all nicely moist and filled with organic manure. Some folks seem to have a hard time digesting the sensations of getting all dirty and sweaty from working in the garden. Those folks are not here, I tell you.

They are probably sitting on their couch on this gloriously sunny day watching a soap or the news of the day. Oh, how boring, I tell you. I would much rather be watching a good old fashioned nature documentary or an informational DVD pack on how to perfect my organic garden that I only started a few months earlier. In the meantime, there is so much information available online and in library books on how to start the organic garden.

In this short post, I will just be covering some of the basics. Here it goes then.

•    CHOOSE AND MEASURE – The first place to begin is to think about the best place to clear your lawn or weeds and replace it with your organic garden. Try and select a spot that is sunny for most of the day.

•    GETTING RID OF WASTE SUSTAINABLY AND MAKING YOUR OWN COMPOST – Figuratively speaking, you are killing two birds with one stone. You never need to toss another bit of leftovers into your garbage can ever again. Of course, there are such things that can’t go to compost. Rice for instance, is a delicious attraction for bacteria. Ironically, most vegetables, fresh or cooked, are ideal for the manure heap. Oh, and by the way, why do you have leftovers in any event? Did your mother not teach you to eat all your veggies?

•    CLEAR OUT THE WEEDS – Oh, just joking folks. Once you have chosen the spot for where your organic garden is going to be placed, and while you are manufacturing your own compost (or manure), you need to put into practice this very important task as soon as possible. The most effective way, I have found, for removing those stubborn weeds for once and for all is to simply grab a hand fork and get down on your knees and start twisting and pulling. Make sure you’ve caught these pests thoroughly by the roots and be careful not to let any of its weeds scatter behind. This is quite an awful task for an old man like myself, but it has to be done.

•    THE BIRDS, THE BEES AND THE EARTHWORMS – When I said kill two birds with one stone, I only meant it figuratively. Oh dear, poor choice of words, I’m afraid. Over and above clearing a plot for your organic vegetables, you should have a burgeoning garden with lovely, colorful flowers. These are wonderful attractions for said birds, bees and old earthworms and a whole host of other garden friendly insects. They are marvelous natural contributors towards your organic garden, assisting you naturally with things like pollination.

And would it not be nice to wake up every morning with birds twittering their hellos to you?

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