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We mentioned them in our first article. I wonder if you can remember them. Most of you will. That’s great, it’s not so much that you’ve been paying attention to what we have produced by way of inspiration to get you started in organic gardening, but more a case of you really and truly being quite keen already. But some of you are necessarily taking your time. That’s good too, because doing things for the very first time aren’t always easy.

Because many of you have been living in the city all your lives, it can take quite a while to grow a true appreciation for all things natural. But once the practice has begun, the results are stunning and rewarding. Watch and learn, as they say. Most of you reading this article now will have figured that much out. Read on about those helpful organic gardening companions you must have in your first organic garden.

•    Bees – In the beginning, you won’t need to install your own hive. Down the line on the road towards successful beekeeping, you can start thinking of your first hive. But first you need to have your successful organic gardening enterprise in place. The interesting thing about the bees is that they will find your garden from miles afar and will help your garden to flourish through their own cross-pollinating methods.

•    Birds – Birds have one of the greatest natural gifts of all. They will also more than likely be the first visitors to your home during your first organic planting season. They are looking for food, you see. They need to feed their young and they need to build their nests for the next spring season. You new bouquet of trees may just provide them with the necessary natural shelter. And how did they find your garden shoots this quickly. Well, like the bees, they have wings, allowing them to fly long distances to find the most perfect nesting spot.

•    Butterflies – They add color to your garden in more ways than one. Butterflies, like the birds and the bees, are attracted to the colors and scents of plants. But there’s an added attraction to having colorful butterflies in your garden. Before they metamorphose, they are trundling their way over your plants’ leaves as caterpillars. Don’t be too keen to destroy these creatures. Just remember that your garden birds will be feeding off of them. Let them help you out to keep your garden clean and tidy.

•    Earthworms – They are not the scaly, scary creatures that ignorant folks had made them out to be before. When you pick one of them up, be careful. No, they’re not going to bite. They are actually quite fragile creatures and their unusual abdomen can easily break when roughly handled. By the time you’ve picked one of them up, you will notice that they are actually quite pleasant to your sense of touch.

They are moist, covered with little granules of soil. They burrow themselves under the soil, always defecating as they move their unusual torsos forward. While they’re doing this, they’re fertilizing your soil. Their contribution to your soil’s health is magnificent. Like the birds, bees and butterflies, they are a natural wonder for your garden.

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